One Year - The Nook Gallery & Studios


Up until last year, I had been working from my study at home.  While it does have its perks (like staying in your ugg boots over winter!), I think I was going a little stir crazy.  Over time, my space filled up with boxes, files, postal tubes, bubble wrap, large frames.. you get the picture.  For my sanity and work flow, it was time to move on. 

Finding somewhere local with a sense of community was key.

Fast forward to August 2017 and I am celebrating one year at The Nook! Starting off in the co-working studio, I loved working alongside other creatives like @lovecarli, but I soon realised that I needed more space.  When Studio 1A became available I moved next door, and now I have a place where people can drop in for a chat and see my work on display. 

It has been such a great move, and it’s hard to imagine how different things would have been had I stayed working from home.  I am always inspired and energised by the beautiful people here who never hesitate to share their knowledge or lend me a hand. I am also incredibly grateful for the staff next-door @commonfolk, for their friendly, smiling faces, and steady stream of caffeine.

Here’s to more good times ahead..

Marcel McCarthyStudio